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Mixtape Alert | Oh Kathleen you’re always the B-side to my heart

Image courtesy of Allison Michael.

Image courtesy of Allison Michael.

You lucky bloggers are in for a treat since i’ve got a whole bunch of Kathleen Hanna’s, of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre fame, B-sides and rareties which were mostly recorded during her time in Bikini Kill.
I’ll warn you in advance ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Heartbeat’ are a bit weird. The Wondertwins were an experimental project who were Kathleen and Tim Green, from Ulysses I.O.U. It was recorded for the famous Embassy Tapes, which also feature Bratmobile’s first recording, in Olympia during riot grrrl in 1991.
Hanna collaborated with Joan Jett for ‘Go Home’ and also featured on Atari Teenage Riot’s ‘No Success’. I’m not sure where ‘Mr Magazine man’ is from or who she is singing with, so if someone could help me that would be great, thanks. Viva Knieval was one of Kathleen’s first bands that she sang with. They released a limited EP, titled ‘Boy Poison’, toured America for a few months and then broke up.
Hanna was also a guest vocalist for the introduction on Green Day’s ‘Letterbomb’ song for American Idiot. More recently her band Le Tigre, now defunct, collaborated with Yoko Ono for her new album ‘Yes, I’m a Witch.’

Kathleen Hanna Mixtape Tracklisting:
Stepping Up To The Mic- Kathleen Hanna
Crazy Doctor- The Wondertwins
Secret Language- The Wondertwins
Go Home (Live)- Joan Jett & K. Hanna
Heartbeat- Kathleen Hanna
I Wish I Was Him- Kathleen Hanna
No Success- Atari Teenage Riot
Rockstar- Kathleen Hanna
Mr. Magazine Man- Kathleen Hanna
Sisters O Sisters ft. Le Tigre- Yoko Ono
Kalvinator- Viva Knievel
I Hate Myself- The Wondertwins
Letterbomb ft. Kathleen Hanna- Green Day

Enjoy x.x.x.


2 thoughts on “Mixtape Alert | Oh Kathleen you’re always the B-side to my heart

  1. mr magazine man is actually a song by the band hazel, and it doesnt have kathleen hanna in it, but the singer from team dresch!

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