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Ones to Watch | Chew Lips

Chew Lips are a weird sort of band, well for me at least. I just can’t put my finger on them. Band members Tigs, Will and James push their songs forward into another dimension with strained vocals (I mean that as a compliment) and soaring keyboards.
The riff lover in me is slightly miffed that this riot grrrl is in love with what is essentially an electro band but times change and this is a perfect time to go with the flow respectfully instead of jumping on the Little Boots bandwagon (she was boring in Dead Disco and is boring now).
Anyway to give you a little taster of their best work here is their best song ‘Solo’.
Their new single Solo, with exclusive remixes, is available from Kitsune and to download from most download providers.

Chew Lips begin a UK tour supporting wannabe rockstars The Virgins. For more info go to www.myspace.com/chewlips


2 thoughts on “Ones to Watch | Chew Lips

  1. I used to chew my lips constantly, but then I stopped. I’m afraid to listen to this band. No, I’m not. I will listen to them, and I will not chew my lips at all.

    My comments remind me of Nikinsky’s diary. Hello.

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