Gossip, Gossip, Gossip…

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever and a day for the gossip’s new album. Ever since I heard the demos of ‘heavy cross’, ‘spare me from the mold’ and ‘8th wonder’ last year I knew their new album was going to be amazing. Now I don’t have to wait too much longer as the album comes out in just over a week and the the video for the new single ‘heavy cross’ has premiered on YouTube, through Perez Hilton strangely enough.

It has garnered some criticism with some calling it another ‘SITWOC‘. I can see the comparison but I’m not sure if I really care, I just love dancing to too much. It allows you have one of those Le Tigre-esque eau d’bedroom dancing moments where you let loose alone in your room without worrying about who’s looking at you. I invite you all to draw the curtains, put on ‘heavy cross’ and flail your limbs about like your having a seizure. It’s fun I swear.

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