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Mixtape Alert | The Best of Riot Grrrl- part 2

The second part of my Riot Grrrl mixtape, enjoy x.x.x.
The Best of Riot Grrrl Part 2 tracklisting:
1. Her Jazz- Huggy Bear
2. We Don’t Wanna Go Home- Frumpies
3. Girl Germs- Bratmobile
4. (Yr So Sweet) Baby Donut- Cold Cold Hearts
5. Stepping Up To The Mic- Kathleen Hanna
6. More Than a Feeling- Sleater-Kinney
7. Resist Psychic Death- Bikini Kill
8. Terrorist- Heavens To Betsy
9. Tony Randell- Bikini Kill
10. Call The Doctor- Sleater-Kinney
11. Violet- Hole
12. The Punk Singer- Julie Ruin
13. There’s No Other Way (Blur cover)- Bratmobile


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