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Single Review | Lulu & the Lampshades- Feet to the Sky

Lulu & the Lampshades are girl-centric urban storytellers; the type that came to prominence after the success of Kate Nash and to a lesser extent Lily Allen. ‘Feet to the Sky’ is the band’s debut single it opens with twinkly, jangly harmonies that would fool anyone into believing it was a child’s nursery rhyme.

Lulu & the Lampshades are just as cute as a button; they are all about fun bike rides in the park and south London accents and on a good day I can’t help but love them. But on a bad day, mediocre day or even a normal day the over pronounced London accents, unnecessary ukuleles and general tweeness would start to grate on me a little.

Lulu & the Lampshades are a sweet band who aren’t afraid to experiment a bit, listen to the tempo changes and handclaps on Feet to the Sky, but they need to find their own voice. Their resemblance to folk-trio Peggy Sue is bordering on libellous and their tunes, while nice, aren’t as memorable as they should be.

‘Feet to the Sky’ is released on 7” inch on 26 October. The Band will be supporting Peggy Sue at the ICA on 6 November.

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