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Song of the Month | Helium

It’s that time of the month again. You know the drill it’s time for song of the month. The track for this month’s feature is from an old band that I have only just found out about in the last couple of weeks from Carrie Brownstein’s blog believe it or not.
The band in question is Helium and the song of the month is Pat’s Trick from their 1995 debut album The Dirt of Luck.
I love this song for many, many reasons. Mainly because it’s SO 90’s, the video is too, it makes me happy. I, like many others, am stuck in a decade I grew up in. I love hearing 90’s music back again because when you hear it has an adult it feels like it’s been with you your whole life even if you just heard a second of it in a shop or on TV.
I also love the refrain when Mary sings “you are the most beautiful thing” over, and over again.
If you like my blog I know you’ll love this song so enjoy x.x.x.

Helium- Pat’s Trick


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