Ladyfest is Ten!!!

Ladyfest is a big girl now, ten years old since the first festival was held in Olympia, WA.

To celebrate the group Ladyfest Ten want to hold an anniversary party but need help organising it. They want you to get involved, and share your ideas for the greatest party ever.

“We want to celebrate Ten years of this global DIY movement by running an event which brings together activists from all corners of the world.”

The group are holding their first meeting on Monday 2nd. I’m not sure what exactly will happen but it sounds cool.

“Ladyfest is run by volunteers and we Ladyfest is Ten need YOU to get involved
in the anniversary party! If you are into art, music, activism, crafts, poltics,
making friends, learning new skills, and making things better – this is for

My biggest regret, well not biggest but it’s in the top five at least, is that I didn’t go to Ladyfest London in 2008 so I will definitely be popping down.

Date: Monday 2nd November 2009
Time: 6:30pm- don’t worry if you’re late
Venue: The Feminist Library- 5 Westminster Bridge Road SE1 7XW

For more information click here.

p.s. I had the best time just searching through google images looking at pictures of cakes whilst eating green & blacks chocolate, you gotta try it.


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