Mixtape Alert

*MIXTAPE ALERT* Best of the Noughties

This should have been published awhile ago, technically last year, but who cares since when were there rules for this end of the year lists. Who says they actually have to be made at the end of the year.
Here my recap of the last decade in music.  I think it’s been a good’un myself.
1. Fuck The Pain Away- Peaches

2. Big Exit- PJ Harvey
3. Bootylicious- Destiny’s Child
4. Keep on’ Livin- Le Tigre
5. Combat Rock- Sleater-Kinney
6. Crazy in Love- Beyonce
7. Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. TKO- Le Tigre
9. The Beer- Kimya Dawson
10. The Fox- Sleater-Kinney
11. Single Again- The Fiery Furnaces
12. Back to Black- Amy Winehouse
13. Lust in the Movies- The Long Blondes
14. Declare Independence- Bjork
15. Paper Planes- M.I.A
16. Animal Imagination- Glass Candy
17. Where Do You Run To- Vivian Girls
18. Transformer- Marnie Stern
19. Golden Phone- Micachu
20. Shelter- The xx
21. Zero- Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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