Ones to Watch


I hate being in that awkward situation when you meet someone and they utter the phrase “I’m in a band, you should check them out.” That one phrase can make or break a new friendship because basically they could be the worst band you’ve ever heard and pretending that they’re any good could prove pretty tricky.

Fortunately in this situation they turned out to be really good. La La Vasquez are an all-girl band based in Brighton. They make lo-fi/surf/riot grrrl influenced noise. Think Kleenex, Wet Dog, The Raincoats or, to a lesser extent, The Vivian Girls.
I was introduced to La La Vasquez when I went to my first Ladyfest meeting in November. I didn’t really know what to expect when I heard them but I was immediately won over by their lo-fi sound and cute lyrics and girl on girl vocals. I love it when female voices seem to re-establish the feminine so it makes unable to edge around the fact that they are women making cool music.

They are set to release their first 7″ in March and will be on tour until April so you have no excuse not to catch them when they come around.

Recommend: ‘Why’ and ‘Don’t Rush Me’
Next Gig: Milk @ The Stags Head with Trash Kit and Bitches


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