Song of the Month


Ok I only know this girl’s music from one cover, but it’s an amazing cover.


Now I’m looking for more from her.  I should have known being related to Beyonce meant you were genetically exposed to the amazingness gene.

You probably all know I’m talking about Solange Knowles’ cover of Dirty Projectors ‘Stillness Is The Move’.

The original already had r’n’b vibes around it but with Solange’s vocals and a sample of Soul Mann and the Brothers ‘Bumpy Lament’, sampled by Erykah Badu and Dr Dre, it really sounds like a laid back r’n’b track, which I love and I know you’ll love too.

p.s. If you’ve ever seen Solange with her little boy you’ll know their are reasons to love her beyond her music, he’s so cute.


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