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Song of the Month | Florence and the Machine

It’s that time of the month, it’s the song of the month, yay!

Judge me if you will but I have to admit that I think I’ve fallen astray. I just couldn’t help myself that string section, that voice, that red hair. How could I resist. Yes readers I’ve fallen in love with a song from the Twilight soundtrack.

Now to bring my cool points up in your eyes I have never actually seen the trilogy and I’m actually unsure of what it’s actually about (I think it’s something about monsters) but I love this song and I know you do to. I mean how could you not. Flo is at her best, screaming her lungs out about love and death and looking pretty damn cool doing it.

It’s a little emo but I don’t care, I’m a little emo inside and I don’t care who knows.


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