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Ones to Watch | Wild Flag

Wild Flag (L-R Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony, Janet Weiss, Rebecca Cole)

Ok this is nothing new but I thought I’d post about Wild Flag.

The all girl (or woman) super group was announced months ago and they have already begun their first west coasts American tour but it still think I really need to push home the point that they are just blowing my little noggin (first and last time I used the word ‘noggin’ I promise).

Wild Flower

Two parts Sleater-Kinney (Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein) and one part Helium (Mary Timony) and one part Minders (Rebecca Cole) there are enough indie legends for the band to take the world by storm.

Surprisingly they have gone for a different approach. Wild Flag are slightly low key about everything a small press release was all that was used to announce their conception, none of their songs are available on their official sites and most of the buzz around them has been spread by bloggers and fellow musicians.

Wild Flag at High Drive

I suppose that is far more of a real, grassroots way of spreading the word rather than employing a huge PR and marketing team.

Obviously the music’s amazing. Their are only a few musicians that could scream “Come on and ride/ Pony up” over classic rock riffs and still make it sound good.

According to their official twitter account they’re recording their first 7″ right now. I can imagine Carrie laying down some spine-tingly riffs over Janet’s steady beats.



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