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Ones to Watch | Katy B

In the last few months despite lowering funds in the old bank account I’ve still found myself on numerous occasions perusing the rails on Oxford Street. When I’m there, it usually happens whenever I walk into New Look, a certain song breaks through the usual chart drivel and stops me in my tracks. For months I only knew it as my shopping song, now I’ve found out what it is. ‘Katy on a Mission’ by upcoming artist Katy B is the soundtrack to my shopping sprees.

Katy B, a 20 something BRIT school and Goldsmiths University graduate, has been making waves in the underground garage and funky house scene for months after her debut single ‘Katy on a Mission’ was released earlier this year. Somehow she’s the perfect mix of unique and marketable making her Radio 1’s new favourite act. Both ‘… Mission’ and her latest, ‘Lights On’ have played heavily on the Radio 1 playlist.

‘Lights On’ is a dancing song about dancing. The best kind of dancing song. While Katy sings about her love of throwing a few moves on the floor Ms Dynamite waxes lyrical making us wonder why she ever went away. Katy B is working with Ms Dynamite on her upcoming album so hopefully we’ll be getting more of the same and better.


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