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Free Music | Thao and Mirah

For the amount of words I devote to Kill Rock Stars artists you would think I had some kind of back door deal with them. Maybe one that involved lifelong free entry to every show by a Kill Rock Stars artist. Obviously I don’t have that but I wouldn’t say no if it was offered you know what I mean hint hint nudge nudge.
The latest Kill Rock Stars band to grab my attention are Thao and Mirah a duo who came together to write their quirky, uplifting collaboration after both enjoying successful solo careers.
T&M released an album in April 2011 (I’m a bit late to the party but better late than never eh) and after falling in love with Thao with the Get Down Stay Down (really who came up with that band name) I quite promptly fell head over heels with T&M.
They make the kind of music that could make my cold heart turn warm enough to fall in love so I could then cycle along a summer lane with the wind in my weave and their songs in my heart. I suggest you buy the album, listen to it, take your lover by the hand and smile ’cause everything’s going to be alright.

Download: Eleven
Download: How Dare You

For more information: thaoandmirah.com

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