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Song of the Month | Breeders

Breeders, Breeders, Breeders. I always have time for Kim Deal and her motley crew The Breeders. I thought I had all of The Breeders material but randomly while I was on YouTube the other day I stumbled across this beauty.

‘Head to Toe’ is the title track of The Breeders limited edition 1994 EP Head to Toe. It was The Breeders second EP released after their successful, and most well known, album Last Splash.

The track is a stomping, punky number that has the instantly catchy refrain “Your face looks good to me”. Deal screams it like her life depends on it. The listener can only assume that guy with the good face the song references wasn’t stupid enough to turn down Kim Deal and she got what she wanted.

I’m going to spend the next month immersed in The Breeders. When I surface I’ll only be able to make 90s references and shall be dressed entirely in plaid and denim. I suggest you do the same.

Download: Breeders- Head to Toe (mp3)


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