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Mixtape Alert | This is Not a Love Song

Valentine’s Day is a tricky occasion for many of us to have live through. Whether you’re ‘in a relationship’, ‘happily single’ or ‘it’s really complicated, seriously I couldn’t explain to you what’s going on between us if I had a million years’ everyone wants to know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day.

Are you going to waste £10 of you’re hard-earned, or not really that hard-earned in my case since I work in media and stare at a screen for the majority of my day, money to see a truly, god-awful chick flick and receive a present that you honestly can find no use for.

It’s fine if you like that kind of thing but for the cynical folk like me another second of this mindless lovefest cannot be tolerated. In the spirit of all things cynical I have whipped up a 15 track mixtape that features anti-love songs about heartbreak, cheating, lying and a whole lotta crying. That should stop you feeling lovesick.

1. February 14th- Huggy Bear
2. Beat Your Heart Out- The Distillers
3. No- Vivian Girls
4. Only Loved at Night- The Raincoats
5. I Love You Eddie- The Crystals
6. Single Again- The Fiery Furnaces
7. Love und Romance- The Slits
8. This Isn’t It- Giant Drag
9. I’m Blue- Shangri-Las
10. Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand- thee headcoatees
11. A Real Man- Sleater-Kinney
12. Legs- PJ Harvey
13. I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You- Shop Assistants
14. Cheated Hearts- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15 Girlfriends Don’t Keep- Bratmobile


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