Corin Tucker Announces New Album

Ex Sleater-Kinney vocalist, Corin Tucker, has announced her second solo album, Kill My Blues will be out on 18 September.

Released via Kill Rock Stars Kill My Blues is said to see Tucker return to her “riot grrrl sonic roots”. Now, we can’t be entirely sure what that actually means or whether it’d just pr talk but it sounds pretty good.

On recording the album Tucker said: “After the past two years playing together, traveling and making music, I think we’re more comfortable. We collaborated on every song on this record and no one was shy about their ideas. I think you can hear that sense of joy and abandon in the songs.”

Tucker and her band have also announced tour dates for the American east coast. The Corin Tucker band includes Sara Luna (Unwound), Mike Clark (Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks), and Seth Lorinczi (Golden Bears).

01 Groundhog Day
2 Kill My Blues
03 Neskowin
4 I Don’t Wanna Go
05 Constance
6 No Bad News Tonight
7 Summer Jams
08 None Like You
9 Joey
10 Outgoing Message
11 Blood, Bones and Sand
12 Tiptoe


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