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Album Review | The Choo Choo Trains- The Choo Choo Trains

The 50s were a great time weren’t they. Teenagers sprung up all of a sudden out of whining children and began to take over the world, this girl started her amazing career and everybody had a quiff as, obviously, it was against the law to be seen in public without one. Yeah it was an epic period and like most epic periods in history it’s sound track has been passed from generation to generation each being more amazed than the those before them.

The band that are keeping the 50s alive today are The Choo Choo Trains, a melodic threepiece from London who sing sweetly about cherry pie, bicycles and rabbits. The Choo Choo Trains are made up of Veronica Dajani (guitar, vocals, keyboard), Emma Rayner (drums, percussion) and Catherine Plewa (bass, keyboard).Their self titled release is a 17 track extravaganza and I don’t throw that word around lightly. Ringing guitars and dreamy vocals make the album sound like a soundtrack to a home movie from time gone by. Mum and Dad are dancing in the back garden under the sycamore tree, the kids are running around, grandma’s asleep in her chair; it’s all captured in these songs.

Instrumental track ‘Peppermint Gardener’ is a sure to bring a smile on your face. ‘(All I Ever Think About Is) Rabbits’ is a rockabilly-esque 50s number about our furry friend. We can’t be sure why Dajani is thinking about rabbits but we’re sure there is a legitimate reason.

It’s hard to summarise about this album because for one there are so many tracks but secondly they work best when listened to as one whole piece. That’s when it really shines and lyrics and riffs start to blend themselves into your daily life. For a necessary soundtrack to a walk in a park, a family event or even a dreary journey to work that needs livening up a bit The Choo Choo Trains are the perfect thing.

The Choo Choo Trains is out now, click here for more information. 


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