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Song of the Month | Cocteau Twins

So the last time I posted a Song of the Month was in May. I’m rubbish. Completely rubbish. I apologise. Have a look through my past posts and see me make the same statement over and over again to gauge just how rubbish I truly am.

But here we are again and I’ve been inspired to post on this feature again because of one yodeling band. Cocteau Twins.

Led by the striking Elizabeth Fraser on vocals, Cocteau Twins knocked me sideways when I first heard them and their haunting music.

Some songs can put you in a dream like state just trying to decipher what Fraser is actually singing. Did she just say “shut the cupboard door”. Nah.

The song I will share with you today is ‘Garlands’ from their debut album of the same name. It is simply perfection.


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