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Mixtape Alert | The Few Ladies of Britpop

When you think of Britpop you mind will probably take you to memories of the Blur v Oasis rivalry, mockney accents and union jacks plastered over everything in sight.

Britpop was certainly a fruitful time for some in the music industry but not so much for women.

After a far bit of searching I could only find a handful of ladies who were as successful as their male counterparts at that time. I almost put in Pearl Lowe’s band Powder but I thought we couldn’t stoop that low. We do have standards here at Don’t Dance Her Down Boys.

Britpop was defined mainly by successful artists in the charts which could have been a reason why more women weren’t involved. It has always been a challenge to break into the mainstream for women even in the 90s, the decade I love with all my heart.

Anyway since everyone’s all loved up with this fine country due the Olympics, I thought I’d celebrate Britain’s finest that emerged from the Britpop era. Once again Powder does not feature on here.


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