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Ones to Watch | The Tuts

Like many people I heard about The Tuts after their recent dispute with The Windmill but despite the controversy there is a lot to found in The Tuts.

The Tuts are a three-piece, all girl, punk-pop band from Hayes, London that feature Nadia Javed (guitar & vocals), Harriet Doveton (bass) and Beverley Ishmael (drums).  The Tuts let themselves be free to be as cheeky, poppy and cute as like, which turns out to be very cheeky, poppy and cute.

The band sound like a Kate Nash, Jack Penate and Shangri-las mash up, which can be most obviously seen in their latest song ‘Call Me Up’, an upbeat catchy number with candy coated riffs and sweet as pie vocals that will definitely take the girls far. ‘Call Me Up’ is the first song on The Tuts debut EP which also features some stellar tracks including ‘Beverley’ which is about being young, single, free and happy.

The Tuts are a band who you’ll be hearing about a lot very soon.



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