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Ones to Watch | Dark Beach

Dark Beach. Copyright Niki Pretti.

Dark Beach. Copyright Niki Pretti.

Sitting in my grey South London flat I can’t help but feel life would be so much better if I lived in California. I’d be warm all the time, fitter ’cause I’d actually want to leave the house to go for a run and obviously I could sound amazing ’cause all Californian accents sound great. What, you think I’m wrong. Well take a look at example A, new gloom-pop garage grrrls Dark Beach.

Dark Beach are a California-based duo comprised of Faith Gardner (guitar, vocals) and Melissa Dale (drums) who make surfed-out, sombre garage pop. Gardner’s vocals are a defining aspect of Dark Beach’s sound. The spoken-wordy, slightly moody girlish vocals throw Dark Beach into the same pool as Bratmobile, The Donnas and Violet Violet.

Stand out track ‘She-Bot’ starts with a grungy, mournful, Sonic Youth-esque riff then leads into a driving, lo-fi song about fembots, factories and identity. If that doesn’t win you round then check out Gardner’s amazing stripy sunglasses that she wears in the video. Pretty cute huh. ‘Phenomenom’ is a another great track that utilises all the best aspects of riot grrrl, garage rock and angry vocals.

Ultimately Dark Beach are a band that you need to hear, like now. Not later now. Go on then, what are you waiting for. Go listen to them. NOW….please.


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