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Mixtape Alert | Girl Garage Groups

After watching the amazing Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! I’ve become a bit obsessed with garage groups of the 60s. Just like there were a thousand and one girl groups like The Crystals and The Supremes there were a thousand and one all girl garage groups.

Bands like Daughters of Eve, The Pleasure Seekers and The Liverbirds have sadly been mostly forgotten about in music’s vast history but they were all part of a wider movement that showcased female talent that didn’t just involve looking pretty and smiling brightly. The 60s looked a great decade to be a musician. Obviously the whole Mad Men-era of sexism, lack of rights for women and people of colour and money wasted on all the hairspray needed to keep those barnets looking as pert as they always did would have got tiring pretty quickly but dammit I’m a sucker for a good song about a lost love.

The drama involved in this era is something else as well. The Shangri-Las were always over the top, ‘I Can Never Go Home Anymore’ is them at their emo best but the cream of the crop is Whyte Boots and their song ‘Nightmare’. You can’t help but feel a wave of depression wash over you by just listening to that song.

A shift dress, beehive and black, monochrome eye makeup is all that’s needed to listen to this mixtape. Channel you inner Twiggy.

1. It Won’t Last Long- Patti’s Groove
2. What a Way To Die- The Pleasure Seekers
3. Look For Me Baby- Goldie & the Gingerbreads
4. Why Do You Hang Around Me- The Liverbirds
5. Don’t Waste My Time- Daughters of Eve
6. Now I Know- The Beat Chics
7. Dressed in Black- The Pussycats
8. Nightmare- The Whyte Boots
9. About My Baby (I Could Write A Book)- The Pandoras
10. I’m Going to Destroy That Boy- The What Four
11. I Can Never Go Home Anymore- The Shangri-Las
12. Knowin’- Goldie & the Gingerbreads
13. Baby That’s Me- The Cake
14. Outta Reach- She


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