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Ones to Watch | Femmepop

When someone throws around names like Tanya Donelly, Pixies and the Breeders in relation to a new artist you can be sure that I’ll check them out. When I pressed play and heard the PJ Harvey-esque riffs that filled ‘Good’ I knew Femmepop was a keeper for me.

I’d heard of Femmepop a while ago but had never actually given her a listen until now. Femmepop is the alter ego and project of singer / songwriter Margaret O’Sullivan from Cork, Ireland.  Sullivan’s soft yet direct vocals and love of driving power chords lead many of her best songs including ‘Good’ and ‘Medication’.

Her 2008 Kick EP was a great introduction to Femmepop that mesmerised and captivated in equal measures. The title track of said EP featured Chris Geddes of Belle & Sebastian fame lending his hand to help out Sullivan.

Femmepop is currently locked away in a studio somewhere recording her debut album, From The Girl Who Never Sleeps. Here’s hoping it’s released soon so we can all hear more from this promising artist.

For more info: www.facebook.com/Femmepop


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