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Ones to Watch | Deap Vally

After the peak of The White Stripes and Black Keys garage rock has more or less disappeared from popular music. Deap Vally aim to change that. Deap Vally are an all-girl two piece from California who have made it their mission to drag us kicking and screaming into their fast-paced world of feedback, amazing drum licks and semi-grungy Urban Outfitters style. Deap Vally is made up of Lindsey Troy (vocals /guitar) and Julie Edwards (drummer).

All it takes is five seconds of Troy’s blistering battle cry of a voice and you’re hooked. ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ is a belter of a tune. I don’t like to use the word belter more than twice a year for reasons know only to me but that’s the only way I can describe it without acting out how the song makes me feel like a sixth form drama student but alas mere words cannot do that alone.

After meeting in a crocheting class that Edwards was teaching the girls formed and decided they had to make something “heavy, a lot of groove and rhythm”. It’s safe to say they’ve achieved that and more. After completing a successful tour of the UK this year the band will be coming back to support indie rockers The Vaccines.

As you’ve probably seen from the ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ video (I honestly don’t think I’ve seen so many unnecessary boob and ass closeups in my life) Deap Vally are what some may to refer to as major hot fitties (I don’t know what guys actually call pretty girls but it may be that). We’ve established that Deap Vally are indeed pretty and it seems Deap Vally know that too, how else did that video get made. There is always debate in the music industry about what a female musician should and shouldn’t do to be respected in the industry. If you go on stage in jeans and a t-shirt you need to tart yourself up a bit yet if you wear short skirt and bra you’ll never been taken seriously as you’re super sexiness is preventing all the music journalists from hearing your music.

I’ve debated it and debated and decided it really doesn’t fucking matter. I won’t judge other women for what they wear because we’re constantly fed all these mixed messages making it pretty hard to decide what to do. If Deap Vally wanna go with the flow and use their sex appeal then who’s to judge. If they really did sound awful they’d be found out pretty soon, but it doesn’t sound awful. It sounds powerful and moving and Deap Vally just happen to be the two pretty ladies that made it.

For more information: www.facebook.com/deapvally


2 thoughts on “Ones to Watch | Deap Vally

  1. The songs are pretty good, but if the imagery a band uses (or doesn’t use) doesn’t matter, then riot grrrl and Sleater-Kinney didn’t matter. I actually really dislike it when male bands do this sort of thing too, the traditional “Oh, we’re such macho men!” rawk crap that punk was supposed to destroy. It cheapens the music and makes it seem like the only reason they’re in a band is to get laid. I would laugh at a male band that did this kind of thing, but a lot of people wouldn’t. Lots of people still completely buy into the Jim Morrison model of the rock star. It is still more okay for males to make something dumb and sexy because people are less likely to objectify them and less likely to assume that there is nothing more to them than dumb and sexy.

    • Thanks for the comment Mike. I don’t think the imagery doesn’t matter, it’s been done for a reason, it’s just hard to just women for looking sexy when we’re told everyday that we should strive to look more and more sexy. I don’t like the rock n roll macho act only when it can’t be pulled off and there is no decent music to go with it. I think we’d limit our music tastes if we only listened to music that wasn’t made by musicians who love the whole rock n roll act x.x.x

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