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Retrospective | Honey Tongue

I thought there was no way I could add to my already bulging collection of music by early 90s female musicians but it seems whilst listening to a Breeders recording I managed to stumble across another.

Honey Tongue consisted of Josephine Wiggs (Breeders, Perfect Disaster) and John Mattock (Spritualised, Spacemen 3) and was intended as a one-off project. The two met when Wiggs was brought in to add cello to Spacemen 3 tracks. Whilst on a break from their main bands, Wiggs and Mattock got a team together, headed up to a Manchester studio and recorded their debut album, Nude Nudes.

It is this album that features their standout song, ‘Driver’. A sparse, focused song that has hints towards PJ Harvey and other singer songwriters of that era that stripped their songs down to the bare bones of the structure. Wiggs sounds like she’s whispering her secrets into the microphone just for you to listen to.

‘Like a Lobster’ and ‘Phone – Waiting Days’ are also great songs the only negative point would be that they all have a similar structure which while being a winning one can become a little tedious after a while.

Honey Tongue only released one album under that name and later reformed as the Josephine Wiggs Experience to release the Bon Bon Lifestyle in 1996. Although they had little output what they did release was brilliant and showcased Wiggs true talent. Once thought of the woman behind Kim Deal, Wiggs is definitely an artist in her own right.

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