Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch | Burnt Palms

burnt palms

God I do love a bit of lo-fi.

Isn’t it amazing. The California drawl vocals, dizzy guitars, slightly predictable song structures (in a good way). I can’t get enough.

Burnt Palms are the next in the long line of lo-fi bands I love that will probably get five times longer by the end of the day. They are a trio that mix drowsy vocals with fuzzed out jangly guitars. Christina Riley leads the way on guitar and vocals while Clara Nieto (drums / vocals) and Brian Dela Cruz (bass) hold down the rhythm section.

If we have to make comparisons then think a more depressed Best Coast or, to go in the opposite direction, a happier Vivian Girls. ‘Yours Not Mine’ is a perfect poppy, lovesick, two minute love song complete with declarations about beautiful eyes and longing. All their songs sounds like canned sunshine, cute boys and lipgloss. Essentially all the good things in the world.

Now to be honest you won’t find anything particularly new in Burnt Palms. They’re not musical pioneers or experimentalists. Burnt Palms do one thing but they do it well. As long as you don’t expect the world from them you’ll always be in love with Burnt Palms.


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