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Ones to Watch | Valentiine


The very ungoogable Australian band Valentiine (no Google I don’t want to find ‘valentine’s day presents’, TAKE ME TO THE BAND DAMMIT!!!!) are coming straight from 1994 and them love them all the more for it.

Valentiine are a three-piece all girl grunge band from Melbourne featuring Vanessa V (guitar/lead vocals), Erica Evans  (bass/vocals) and Rachelle Kennedy (drums/vocals).

It doesn’t take you long to figure out who the band’s influences are. Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Nirvana and a smidgen of Veruca Salt would be my guess. I know it’s obvious and I know it’s been done before, see Japanese Voyeurs on how to truly sound like a Daisy Chainsaw / Nirvana mash up, but my God it still sounds so good.

‘Beauty Lies’ is a song that would even make Courtney Love proud. The sludgy, repetitive guitar riff just makes you wanna swing your hair around and dance manically in some scummy club in 1991. The song tackles the rigid, destructive beauty myths and standards that are preached to girls.

On ‘Love Like’ Vanessa showcases a bloodcurdling scream threatening to assault her lover if they ever try and leave her. The song is my favourite of the year so far. It ticks all the boxes for great songs to  scream to when angry, sad, happy etc. Violent imagery, tick. Walls of throbbing distortion, tick. Female vocalist screaming her lungs out, TICK.

Apparently the band will be visiting the UK in June to promote the release of their debut album. I’ll be there at the front, fist in the air screaming like a madwoman and I won’t care.

For more information: www.valentiine.com


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