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Ones to Watch | Bleached


You know I always think ‘one day I’m gonna get bored of all American, girl group influenced girl bands’ but you know what. I never, ever do. The next band to grace my obsession list are Bleached.

Composed of two sisters from LA and former members of punk outfit Mika Miko, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, the band create their own kind lo-fi, shambolic pop that is reminiscent of The Ramones or the Vivian Girls. While you could describe their songs as basic this doesn’t mean they can’t play their instruments. As we all know to get a good pop song out of three chords you do need to be a good musician no matter what anyone says. Their first single ‘Next Stop’ is a perfect example of this.

‘Searching Through The Past’ is another great song that doesn’t suffer from it’s simplicity. Much like the girl groups of the 60s Bleached mainly write about romance, love, lust and everything in between. They’re really a band for riot grrrl that have fallen in love or wanna fall in love and be smothered in gooey, sickly tales of pretty boys and broken hearts.

Bleached won’t be everyone’s cup if tea but for me their perfect, which is why I’m even more annoyed with myself that I missed seeing them in London by one day. Here’s hoping they come back so I can tell them how amazing they are in person but for now let’s just be glad we found them.

For more information: hellobleached.tumblr.com


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