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If you’ve even only glimpsed at this site before you’ll know we love us some 90s grunge. The more the merrier, which is why when we first heard Australian trio Valentiine and their Courtney Love-esque howl we stopped full in our tracks to figure out who it was and where we could find them.

Fortunately we did find them at home in Melbourne, Australia preparing for their upcoming UK tour. If you follow Don’t Dance Her Down Boys then you’ll probably remember that we covered Valentiine a few months ago in our Ones to Watch section. We caught up with Vanessa  (guitar/vocals), Erica  (bass/vocals) and Shelly K (drums/vocals) to find out more about the band,  the gross-out video for new single ‘Chucky’ and their slightly un-googlable name.

DDHDBs: How did Valentiine start?
Valentiine: Well about 4 years ago, we were all jobless, drinking excessive amounts and spending nights at a karaoke bar. We were told by the MC that we did a ‘killer rendition of Seether by Veruca Salt’ then we thought with all this talent and free time we should start a band haha.

DDHDBs: Your band name is pretty hard to Google. Did you think of that when you choose it and what does the name represent to you?
V: No we definitely didn’t think of that when we chose that name, we should have. It was a temporary name that has just sort of stuck.

DDHDBs: Describe your band in five words?
V: Honest, real, raw, simple, melodic.

DDHDBs: Who are your musical influences?
V: Nirvana, Throwing Muses, Magic Dirt, The Breeders, Veruca Salt, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins etc…

DDHDBs: How do you find inspiration for your songs?
V: We have all lead pretty interesting lives so it hasn’t been hard to find inspiration.

DDHDBs: You can hear a lot of the 90s in your sound. Was this intentional and what do love about 90s music that you can’t get elsewhere?
V: It was never intentional but when you grow up listening to 90s its going to rub off and I think we all fell in love with the rawness of the 90’s and none of this computerised shit. Nothing was over the top. It was all about heart and feeling and it was never perfect.

DDHDBs: Vanessa, you’ve probably heard this before but your vocals sound very similar to Courtney Love. Did you always intend to sing in an American accent? Would you ever sing in an Australian accent?
V: Haha I don’t think I have heard that before… is it because I occasionally scream? I never thought about singing in an American accent but all my favourite artists are American so it came very natural. Have you heard the Australian accent? like the really one?? It can be pretty gross.

DDHDBs: Your upcoming single ‘Chucky’ is about the joys of throwing up. What was the inspiration for the song? Is it about the lengths women go to look beautiful?
V: Wow! that is the first time we have heard that… Its about the war you can have with alcohol and/or drugs and the pleasure you get, but with great pleasure can come great pain. The clip was actually a bit of a pisstake and we are shocked that not everyone understood it and took it seriously. But at the end of it all we just wanted to see kids get spewed on.

DDHDBs: What bands are you listening to at the moment?
V: Throwing Muses, Breeders…. not much has changed really. We are waiting to find a band to blow our minds!

DDHDBs: What’s next for Valentiine?
V: We are looking forward to our UK tour in support of our album release in Europe. When we come back we have a lot of new stuff we can’t wait to record and demo. Oh and paying back all the loans we have acquired.

New single ‘Chucky’ will be released on 17 June on Integrity Records.

Find out more about Valentiine here:


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