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Ones to Watch | Priests


I love writing. I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was only 14 and ever since then that’s all I’ve been doing (apart from music, work and actual real life). Recently though, I’ve had the worst writer’s block. Nothing inspires me, I can’t find the time or energy to write and sometimes it evens feels like vocabulary has been sucked clean out of me and replaced with boring garbage buzz words like “awesome”. I never used to be like this I swear.

I knew it was gonna take a lot to get me out of my mile deep rut but lo and behold a band arrived to drag me out and back onto wordpress again. That band is Priests, the Washington, DC, based punk that sound like everything I needed to life my spirits.

I found Priests via Everett True’s new website Collapse Board and since he’s a man who knows his punk bands I decided to take a peek at what Priests were all about and I was stunned. Good, honest, raw punk. People don’t scream like Priests do. Their’s is a desperate, painful scream. One that you know has the full force of fury and anger behind it.

The band’s diverse output includes revolutionary spoken word, political punk and oddly poppy punk. Songs like ‘Leave me Alone’ and ‘Personal Planes’ show what Priests can do.

I don’t think I’m back to top form but after getting my leg out of a rut I think I’ll make it through this somehow.


For more information: 666priests666.tumblr.com


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