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Album Review | Throwing Up- Over You

Throwing Up Album

Throwing Up Album

Throwing Up, along with their ever so slightly gross out name, burst onto the scene just over two years ago when Camille Benett (guitar / vocals, Clare James Clare (bass) and Andrew Moran (drums) came together; intent on bringing 90s culture, and everything that came with it, back to the forefront. Two years down the line Throwing Up have signed with Tim Burgess’ (of Charlatans fame) label O Genesis and released their debut album Over You last month.

Over You is as snotty, dirty and raw as those familiar with Throwing Up would have guessed it would be and more. Channeling early 90s Courtney Love, lead singer Benett tears through opener ‘Red Ribbon’ showcasing the band’s love for pop melodies and distorted power chords. ‘Big Love’ is definitely the stand out track of the album. With it’s soaring chorus and catchy lyrics you could be fooled into thinking it was originally a Bikini Kill song.

‘Snake’ seems to lean heavily on the better parts of britpop, with a little Dinosaur Jr thrown in for extra measure, for its inspiration. Benett sweetly calls out the protagonist of the song for their deceitful ways, which you can imagine was sung through gritted teeth and false smiles.

‘Medicine’ has always been my favourite Throwing Up track every since I heard it about a year ago. Raw, direct, fast paced and simple. I don’t know what it’s about and you know what; I don’t need to know. I just need to dance to it.

It’s a shame that most of the best songs on the album are ones that were previously available before so there’s not much in terms of new material for old fans. The new material that does feature doesn’t particularly stand up to the older songs if I’m honest. ‘Bother You’ sounds like it was written last minute to fill time on the album and does not pack the same punch as other tracks. While Throwing Up can write a decent tune and have potential there is still a little something missing.

Unfortunately, the album doesn’t do much for Benett’s vocals either. Due to the band’s obvious references to 90s rock goddess Courtney Love when Benett screams we expect a whopper of a vocal much like Love’s. The reality is that Benett falls massively short in this area.

Not to knock the album entirely it still has some of my favourite tracks of the year on it and there is definitely room for improvement.  Considering the  lo-fi production  I’m pretty sure Throwing Up stuck heavily to their DIY ethos, which is admirable.

This is obviously Throwing Up’s most attractive and rebellious selling point. The band that just don’t give a you know what and are here to show the over produced pop divas how it’s done. Obviously it also has it’s negatives, but whether these can be put aside or not in favour of the band’s lo-fi bratty punk offerings is really up to no one else but you dear listener.

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