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Review | Marnie Stern @ The Garage

marnie stern the garage

Marnie Stern at The Garage, London. Image courtesy of Anika Mottershaw

Marnie Stern + Sky Larkin + Trash Kit @ The Garage – 5 June 2013

This is one of two long, long overdue gig reviews that I know I have to write up because they were amazing and I want to remember that it was amazing and let everyone who didn’t even know about it know it was amazing BUT… I’m lazy. I hate doing things. Doing things sucks. Why can’t I just sit and count the number of tiles on my bathroom wall or spend hours upon hours checking Facebook with the determination and speed that would almost have you believe something tremendous could happen at any moment to give me an extraordinarily better social life. That sort of procrastination is what I deal in but sometimes you gotta get stuck in and do stuff so here I am.

I remembered that Marnie Stern was playing a London a few days before the actual gig and having missed another guitar hero, EMA, last year due to my own pure incompetence I wasn’t planning on missing another one. Marnie is one of those female artists that seems to be able to defy the gender barriers the music industry generally tend to thrust in women’s path. Talking to both my male and female friends about her it’s amazing to know that she is so highly regarded as a musician first. I mean the boys wanna be her, they really do. I wanna be her but it was clearly pointed out to me by my friend that it may take a while. He wasn’t knocking my guitar skills, she’s just that good.

We walked in maybe 10 minutes into Trash Kit‘s set. The band were on form proving once again that no one can top their angular, afrobeat inspired rhythms. Band leader Rachel Aggs jerked, swayed and danced energetically with her guitar, completely lost in the moment. I’m happy to hear that Trash Kit might be releasing a new album soon as they’ve been gone for too long in my opinion.

Blast from the not too long gone past, Sky Larkin followed Trash Kit with new material and I assume new band members as I only recognised the lead singer. The indie pop favourites mainly played newer material but there were a few looks back to their old stuff, which was greatly appreciated.

In the break I went to the bathroom and could hear an American woman talking loudly in another cubicle. We both came out of the cubicles and I realised it was Marnie Fucking Stern.  I met (well saw didn’t speak to her) guitar legend Marnie Stern … in the girls loo. A story’s a story in my opinion and I’m happy to tell the world. Maybe I’ll embellish it a little and add in the noodling advice she gave me and how she told me to follow my dreams. It’s plausible, it could have happened.

Anyone so obviously we both left the toilets at some point and I joined my friends, gobsmacked, and Marnie took center stage for her evening. Blasting through material from her latest album The Chronicles of Marnia and her previous albums Marnie truly wowed everyone.  Her biggest hit ‘Transformer’ got the biggest cheer and worked the crowd up into a frenzy. What I loved most about Marnie was her general warmth and jokey nature. She shared stories about how she started out in run down bars playing classic rock to beer-bellied drunks and how her band kept her awake at night by farting. I left the gig thinking finger tapping was the way to go. I got home picked up my guitar and failed miserably at anything remotely similar to finger tapping. Guess we’ll have to leave it to the experts like Marnie then.



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