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Review | The Ethical Debating Society – Hen’s Teeth EP


So London’s favourite riot grrrls The Ethical Debating Society (or TEDS to their fans) are kicking it up a notch and making their mark on the scene. Despite being around for several years and showcasing blindingly fierce live shows, there is little to show from the band in terms of studio recordings. Last year’s split release with Skinny Girl Diet on HHBTM Records saw the band dip their toe into the recording waters giving fans hope that the long awaited album might be on the horizon.

It seems their hope was well founded as TEDS have released the EP Hen’s Teeth on the formidable Brighton DIY label Tuff Enuff Records. The EP is a mixture of old recordings that do not feature the current band line up. The band wanted to get out these classics before the release of their debut album, which is coming soon. As a fan of TEDS for many years I know just how fantastic the band can sound; Hen’s Teeth surpassed even that.


Tegan’s vocals are on point at all times; smooth when needed but give her a second to catch her breath and she switches to her ‘scream so loud it could shred metal’ brilliance. The guitars weave through the tapestry of each song, always finding it’s way back home and showcasing influences from Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill equally.

Opener ‘Future Imperfect’ is a belter of a track and a well loved part of their usual set. Tegan coyly purrs “everything you believe is a lie” before unleashing everything on us. If there’s one thing you can say about TEDS it’s that they never hold back. No matter what, they give it their all.

‘Hobson’s Choice’ opens with a spoken word call and response number the band usually use to open their set. The speed punk cum riot grrrl track is a new song (as far as I’m aware) and is by far my favourite. It hurtles along for just over 2 minutes then collapses in on itself almost as if it can’t take anymore. ‘Outside’ is bravado in song form. Keep your guns raised, eyes on the prize. TEDS can talk the talk and walk the walk with the hardest of them all.

Hen’s Teeth is a compact, furious taster of the best that TEDS can offer and it’s a lot if you were still wondering. All the more to get us clamouring for the debut album.

So when’s that album coming out guys, eh? Sooner than soon would be best.

Hen’s Teeth EP is out now on Tuff Enuff Records


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