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DDHDB’s Does Christmas #2 | Eartha Kitt


Probably the sexiest song about Santa ever made, the late Eartha Kitt’s version of Santa Baby knocks the socks off every other version, including Marilyn’s, in my eyes.

The 1953 Christmas song was orginally recorded by Kitt and has been covered by numerous others including Madonna, the Sugababes and, oddly Taylor Swift, I bet you good money our wholesome Ms Swift didn’t even understand most of the double entendres that make the song what it is. They all tried to top our Eartha but none of them reached the sultry heights that she did so easily.

Also this song employs the rarely used christmas double entendre involving Christmas trees. To my memory only Lady Gaga has been brazen enough to invoke that imagery, see my earlier post, and she went full throttle with it.

This is probably Kitt’s most well known song and for good reason. The perfect Christmas song for the lovers of the high life.

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