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Interview | Skinny Girl Diet

Skinny Girl Diet

So if you’ve been out to a gig in London, been on the internet or listened to new music at any point this year you might have heard of Skinny Girl Diet, the new hot band of the moment and hopefully many more moments to come.

The teenage superstars are more talented than the average kid and have slowly but surely captured the attention of all that have come into contact with their music. They’re so entrancing because they manage to deliver songs that catapult you through a plethora of emotions. From feeling hyper and energetic on ’14-16-18′ to hypnotised on ‘Eyes That Paralyse’ Skinny Girl Diet will put you through it but you’ll come back asking for more.

We spoke to Delilah, Ursula and Amelia about the band, David Bowie and Pussy Riot.

Don’t Dance Her Down Boys: How did you form / why did you want to form a band?
Skinny Girl Diet: We were just sick of the stuff in the charts, sick of society and wanted to make a change.

DDHDB: How did you get the name Skinny Girl Diet?
SGD: It’s a real diet which encourages skinny girls to diet (and was probably created by misogynistic men) which is pathetic, repulsive and it sums up society, so we named the band [after it] to spread the message that it’s wrong.

DDHDB: Who are your musical influences?
SGD: We have many musical influences and each of us bring different things to the band for instance Amelia brings Japanese metal influences, Delilah brings punk influences and Ursula loves David Bowie.

DDHDB: Describe your band in five words?
SGD: Eclectic, harmonious, discordant, riotous and anarchy.

DDHDB: I’ve noticed you’ve been featured on many girl friendly gig listings such as the Pussy Riot fundraiser you played earlier in the year. Do you try and play with other girl bands?
SGD: I don’t think we try to play with other girl bands we just end up on the same bill and we enjoy it because it’s so refreshing to see girls in bands as the music industry is very male. We enjoy playing with girl bands we hope to one day be called just a band without the “girl” before it because male bands just get called bands and girls should be the same. I don’t think it should be segregated how it is at the moment.

DDHDB: What do you think of the London scene at the moment for female musicians?
SGD: I think it’s alright. There are still a few prejudices because your still girls in a band but I think it is becoming easier and there is still a lovely unity amongst the girls we meet.

DDHDB: What has been your favourite gig so far and why?
SGD: Our favourite gig we have played so far has got to the gig we played with Comanechi, because they are one of our favourite bands and there was such a lovely ambience when we played.

DDHDB: What are your favourite songs to play live?
SGD: We like the ones with the most screaming so all of the current ones we play!

DDHDB: How do you find inspiration for your songs?
Delilah: I feel an emotion and I can’t communicate verbally the way I want to, so I have to write a song about it and it helps to get it off your chest. I just see something on the news like the current political state of things or experience something personal and put it in to words.

DDHDB: What bands are you listening to at the moment?
Delilah : I love Nirvana, The Slits, Crystal Castles, Ty Segall, The Adverts, Eater and Babes In Toyland.
Ursula : I love Wavves and David Bowie.
Amelia:  Comanechi, Maximum the Hormone, Dir En Grey. I love The Pixies and Hendrix of course.

DDHDB: What’s next for Skinny Girl Diet?
SGD: We are recording / reworking some tracks and going to play a gig at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on the 9th September for a Pussy Riot fundraiser.

For more information: skinnygirldietband.tumblr.com 


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